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Your global events wallet

Fast registration, transparent data and better event experiences.


Your global events wallet

Fast registration, transparent data and better event experiences.

Twigged in 60 seconds

Watch our co-founder Matt as he gives you a 60 overview of how Twigged can transform your event registration


Why Choose Twigged



Users can register for events in under 30 seconds. By registering once and simply confirming their details and answering short, benchmarked questions at subsequent events, we save your users hours of time registering for your next trade show, conference or event.



Enable immediate access to your events with our platform agnostic application.Being able to integrate with any eventtech, database or marketing platform, we can support event organisers in creating seamless experiences for events.


Organisers receive more accurate data from users sharing relevant data to them for that event. Users are able to see what events they’ve registered for, where their data is and are able to easily contact the event owners about the use of their data, making data control and transparency easier for all event goers and organisers.


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How much does it cost?

A simple cost per event. That’s it! Nothing hidden, nothing extra just pure and simple fast event registration and accurate attendee data.

Who owns the data?

The user does, it’s their data, but you receive and own all of your event relevant data. We’ve just made it super simple for a user to know where their data is and who’s using it.

How do we integrate?

We’ve made this simple. As a platform agnostic solution you can integrate Twigged with your preferred tech vendor or internally to your own data management solutions.

What about badging?

We don’t provide badging but have a network of preferred partners that can do this for you.