Twigged Wins Silver at prestigious Start-up competition

Wow, what a week!

In these still uncertain times, I wanted to share a glimmer of hope that we were fortunate to receive from our recent start-up competition success and to say a massive “thank you” to everyone who supported and voted for us.

Twigged, our fast registration and global events wallet, successfully pitched at the inaugural Event Tech Live USA and Canada start-up competition to win the coveted silver prize.

To view our 60 second pitch video, click here

We are humbled and hugely grateful to have received so many votes through the public stage and to make it through to the final was in itself an achievement for our team to be extremely proud of. Those that know me well, know I like to speak (and write) a lot, so condensing an overview of Twigged into 60 seconds was pretty tough, but with the guidance of Bogdan, Peter and Maciek, we managed to create Twigged in 60 seconds.

On behalf of the entire team at Twigged, powered by AMMP Digital, thank you!to each and every one of you that voted for us and that has supported us through the last six months to get us to where we are today.

I also must say a massive thank you to my baby girl, maybe the youngest yet ‘women in eventtech’ member, who stayed calm (and quiet!), as she unexpectedly joined me for the final pitch presentation! As we continue to adjust to the “new norm” of home/work balance, baby girl was there on the first Zoom calls when we started our conversations about Twigged and it was only fitting that she sat through our first large scale public pitch. (That and the fact that childcare had fallen through at the last minute and I wasn’t able to arrange anything else 😉) Either way, if you watch the live pitch back on demand from Event Tech Live, see if you can see me slyly dropping my arm to the floor to collect the Russian babushka doll pieces… it brought a new dimension to the live pitch stage!

Thanks must also be shared to the judges - Abi Cannons, Tess Vismale and Michael Chaffe. We’d have loved to have had the opportunity to present in person and engage in more questions and discussion, but alas, we’ll have to save that for when we can get back together face to face at the UK, in-person, Event Tech Live.

This is only the start for Twigged and the AMMP Digital team of Alessandro, Mihai, Maciek, Bogdan, Peter and me and we can’t wait to continue to share our journey with you.

Thank you,